Total Mom Makeover airs Thursdays at 8/7pm Central featuring one mom's unique story and their head-to-toe mommy makeover transformation. Each mom will have the opportunity to receive a head-to-toe makeover transformation by the “Dream Team” – a team of the most elite fashion, beauty and style experts from around the country.
Catch our live show: “The It Mom Talk Show” LIVE every Sunday at 8/7pm Central! We’ll have guests, the returning cast of Total Mom Makeover, and we'll be discussing current topics Moms struggle with, and teaching fashion and beauty tips to busy moms who want to look good in less time. 



““It was definitely a life and mind changing experience! If a whole makeover production team could put so much time and effort in making me feel and look beautiful, I should take some time in my day to do the same for myself. I felt compelled to keep it up. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and am so excited to see the final production! I love you guys!!!””
xoxo -Eami Fletcher