Total Mom Makeover Season One

Total Mom Makeover is pretty straightforward. We are mom makeover experts helping moms look good in less time. We're a web show of episodes filled with amazing before and after mommy makeover transformations, and soon, we'll be launching products and services to help all moms stand out and look good in less time. That's the magic phrase…”in less time”. Who has time to watch 15-minutes of YouTube beauty tutorials when you've only got 15-minutes to spare for yourself in the mornings??? Not me. And that's why I get you. As a mom, learning to do things in less time is heaven-sent.

My name is Daisy Teh and Total Mom Makeover is my…calling, my passion, my purpose, and the reason I exist as an influencer (although I didn't know it at the time). I also have my lifestyle blog, The It Mom, that's been around for over six years! I am a Christian, a wife to George Teh and mother of four. I was born in the Philippines and raised in the U.S. – a true Filipina-American. I was a teen mom at the age of 17 and again at the age of 19 and became a licensed Cosmetologist by the age of 18. I've worked for cosmetics companies like Lancome and Borghese during my college years (all while trying to raise two children before I was 21 years old). Fast forward to fifteen years and four kids later, and I'm all grown up as a corporate professional in Human Resources.

I've experienced a life of poverty and I've experienced a life of plenty. I know the feeling of unworthiness, worthlessness, and shame. Behind every success story was the struggle – and my struggles became my successes. This is why I am so passionate about making a difference in the lives of women, especially moms.

As a modern working mom with a background in beauty and my love for technology, I have learned to make time for myself even with the limited time I've got. I am constantly on-the-go raising a family, working full-time, and being an entrepreneur.

I have been a mom for over 18 years and I can relate to the different stages of motherhood your confidence, your emotional well-being and your body experiences. To the surprises of being a new mom, the stretch marks, the loose skin and weight gain, the self-doubt, the mom guilt, the working mom guilt, the life of a working and student mom, the married mom, the divorced mom, the single mom, the millennial mom, the remarried mom, the stay at home mom, and now the Christian mom. Those are all of the mom stages I have been in. But one universal truth remains…moms want to look good in less time.

And our mom makeover show isn't just about makeovers…IMAGINE THIS!

Imagine receiving a life-transforming opportunity as a mom for an all expense paid head-to-toe makeover that includes the following:

  • A new makeover complete with hair, makeup, outfits, and accessories that you get to take home and keep!
  • Hair, beauty, and fashion experts physically teaching you how to do this yourself at home, along with a strategy to help you get ready every morning in minutes!
  • Professional photo shoot of your “After” transformation!
  • Video interview sharing your personal, unique story along with documenting your experiences shared with the world and to our 300,000+ followers on social media!

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Growing up Charlene had a passion to perform, she earned a bachelor's degree in Music Business at Western Illinois University where she met her husband, Ryan Hafey. In 2013, Charlene, now a stay at home mom with 3 kids, decided to come out of her shell and start a Youtube cooking channel. From there Pintastic Recipes was born. Within a few years Pintastic Recipes, evolved to Pintastic Life. She then took the chance at applying for Total Mom Makeover Season 1. Not only was she cast, but is now a part of the Total Mom Makeover Dream Team.

Learn more about Charlene at


Ryan Hafey is a family man, digital marketing professional, published photographer, entrepreneur and content creator. He also happens to be the husband of Total Mom Makeover Season 2 co-host, and Season 1 makeover recipient, Charlene Hafey. Ryan has been developing content in the form of podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels and photography since 2008. His experience spans multiple industries including hospitality, nightlife, food and beverage, non-profit, public transportation, government, retail, and professional sports.

You can learn more about Ryan and see his work at

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Production Crew, Oak Photography

Aileen Orticio–the O in OAK: Her passion for photography started when her aunt gifted her a digital point and shoot camera. Soon after, she decided to major in Photography and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Cal State University Fullerton. During her time in Cal State, Aileen honed her craft by studying and experimenting with various other artistic mediums in conjunction with her heart’s passion, photography.It was at this very creative time in her life that she met Gabriel. Aileen interned with a successful photographer for a short time and then worked as a free-lance photographer before embarking on her newest and most exciting adventure with Gabriel— Oak Fotography.

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Production Crew, Oak Photography

Gabriel Klein–the K in OAK: He found his passion for photography when his dad handed him a 1970s Cannon AE-1. Inspired by Ansel Adams, he began shooting landscapes on his backpacking adventures through the Sierra Mountains. Soon after, Gabriel enrolled in Cal State Long Beach where he began exploring mediums such as photography, ceramics, drawing, painting, metalsmithing, printmaking, and whatever else he could get his hands on. Wanting to give back to a field that gave him so much, Gabriel graduated with a Bachelor in Art Education. He met his darling love, Aileen, during his teaching credential study. Now looking to get back to the passion that started it all, Gabriel decided to pursue his dream, Oak Fotography.

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Fashion Stylist

Cherrie Luzon is a Fashion Designer and has been in the apparel industry since 2006. From Dallas, TX she moved to Los Angeles, California to study Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). After graduating she has worked at some of the top retailer as a Sweater Designer and now a designer/Design Manager for a Cheer Company at Rebel Athletic. Cheer Moms, Cheer Coach for All Star and School check out:



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Accessories Stylist

“Looking put together is more than being able to coordinate your outfit. Smile and walk with confidence- that’s the perfect accessory!” ~K

Karen’s love for fashion and accessories started at a very young age. As a little girl, one of her favorite things to do was playing dress up in her mom’s closet and finding special pieces. Karen started her journey in the fashion and retail industry, when she decided to work as a seasonal help for a department store. Since then, she has worked her way up through the retail ranks from sales associate to store manager. She is very passionate about people and she has formed many great friendships along the way. Her daily retail fix include surprising her clients and friends with outfits or accessories that are totally out of their comfort zone, and they end up loving it! Those are the moments she lives for- the transformation and client satisfaction! Besides her retail career, Karen, her husband and three boys devote their time at their local church serving in the music ministry. Karen is forever grateful to her husband who mentored and taught her how to play the keyboard and bass guitar. In her spare time, Karen enjoys reading with her kids, writing and playing musical instruments with her husband and shopping for the latest trends in fashion. Karen is fortunate to be able to travel for work and her most memorable destination so far was France. She hopes to be back again. Not only to indulge in France’s fine cuisine, but to also explore the fashion luxuries it has to offer.



Makeup Artist

Sophadavy Hun is a freelance makeup artist based in Orange County. She has been in the industry for 18 years and received her artistry training from working for some of the top renowned artistry brands such as Stila and MAC. As a freelance makeup artist, she developed her professional skills in bridal, print, in studio, fashion, and airbrush makeup. She has a keen eye for color correction and make up techniques that complement various ethnicities. Click on the link below to preview some of her work from her gallery.

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Applications are opening soon for SEASON 3 of Total Mom Makeover! Are you ready for change and mentors who genuinely want to teach you how to get back on the right path of dressing and looking the part? Contact us to request to get on our waitlist!