Upon my first meeting with Lysabeth I immediately knew she is quirky, funny, and nurturing. She holds unique characteristics as a mother, and I'm sure everyday is entertaining in her home.


Lysabeth came to us wanting to learn how to look good in less time, and hopeful for a better strategy to her day-to-day (which typically only allows for a very small portion of time for herself). Let's watch her transformation…

DAISY: How many children do you have and what are their ages?
LYSABETH: Two children ages 7 and 9


DAISY: What are your favorite hobbies and/or types of community service you serve in?
LYSABETH: By day, I'm a school counselor with By night, I'm a mommy blogger at


As a school counselor, I work with the academic support, college/career planning, and emotional/social wellness of students and parents. I also am a counselor on special assignment leading the Sweetwater Union High School District Counselor Standards Committee where we work on standardizing practice to best serve our students. I volunteer on the Karangalan Scholarship Committee which has awarded thousands of dollars to outstanding Filipino students in our school district. I have also been an active member of the Magkaisa High School Conference committee bringing community advocacy, cultural programming, and academic support for the Filipino American community in south San Diego.

As a blogger is where I find my stress relief. I love trying new activities with my family, exploring new places, and eating new food. It find enjoyment in sharing my fun on my blog and social media channels. I'm glad to know a few folks follow along on the memories my family and I make on

DAISY: Walk us through what your mornings look like getting everyone ready for the day:
LYSABETH: I'm up at 6:30AMish and out the door by 7:15. My clothes are laid out the night before. I quickly pull my hair back and put on simple makeup. I'd rather sleep in than put more time into getting ready. My boys get themselves ready and feed themselves breakfast, usually cereal, fruit and/or pastries. Hubby drops them off the school.

DAISY: Do you know how to use hair irons (ex: curling iron, flat iron and/or heat rollers)?

DAISY: How do you typically style your hair on a normal day?
LYSABETH: My hair has a natural wave. On a typical day, I'll do a half pony tail or my hair all down. On the weekends, I'll use my curler to do a few more defined curls.


DAISY: When was the last time you received a haircut from a salon professional?
LYSABETH: Over 2+ years ago

DAISY: Do you know how to apply makeup?

DAISY: How do you typically apply makeup on a normal day?
LYSABETH: Foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye brows, eyeliner, and lip gloss – that's it.

DAISY: How much time do you think you need each morning to get yourself ready?
LYSABETH: No more than an hour.

DAISY: When was the last time you made time for yourself?
LYSABETH: I try to do so at least once a month.

DAISY: What do you feel needs improvement with your current style and look?
LYSABETH: I'd like to be more comfortable but keep stylish. I really want to incorporate cool, comfy shoes to my attire.


Lysabeth's Story:
I've always been viewed as an over-achiever.


In high school, I was involved in lots of clubs. In college, i was even more involved by serving on SDSU's Associated Students Council. I went from high school to college, to grad school for my Masters, then grad school for my doctorate non-stop until I had kids. I joke that my kids are the reason why I'm a doctoral school drop out. There was a time my friends would joke “can you stop graduating already?!”

Right out of college I became a teacher, high school English. From teaching, it was a seamless transition to school counseling at my alma mater of Sweetwater High.


I'm always busy, busy with work, busy with the kids, busy with my blog. I find keeping busy doesn't allow me time to stress or worry, but appreciate all the great things I have going on in life which keep me busy.

I find my work as a school counselor and with my blog, allow me to share my perspective on life: to work hard, to enjoy life, to build on your talents and be the best you can be. Yet above all this, to be thankful: thankful for life's experiences and thankful for the people you share those experiences with.

I hope the Mom Makeover is in the cards for me as a Filipina, as plus-size, as one who is vertically challenged. I love the experience to highlight my appearances to reflect my personality.


Lysabeth is also one of our mom influencers for Total Mom Makeover! Watch Lysabeth's before and after mommy makeover transformation:

Lysabeth on Social Media:

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